A Neighborhood Church

We are located on the corner of Morgan & Blount Streets in the middle of the Moore Square District of our city - an entrepreneurial area defined by local restaurants, great artists, and lots of new residents. We believe it’s one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Raleigh and we consider it a privilege to serve and invest here.

Justin Morgan

Lead Pastor

Husband, father, and netflix junkie with a weakness for small-talk. Enneagram 1.

Kiley McGrady

Director of Operations

Wife, traveler and Vizsla lover. Never too full for dessert. Enneagram 3.

Nicole Morgan

Director of Children & Families

Momma, educator, and Eagles fan. Recovering germophobe. Enneagram 9.



Everybody follows somebody in this life and so we believe one of the great questions everyone owes it to themselves to answer is: "Who am I following and are they worth imitating?" At Church on Morgan, we believe Jesus is worth imitating and we’ve structured our life together around following Him. Our hashtag is an ongoing reminder for us of the life we’re pursuing together. We use it to point out ways of being in the world that remind us of Christ and we’d love for you to join us in using it.