invest in the church

Jesus said that “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” And so, when you give to Church on Morgan, not only are you investing in its many life-changing ministries, you are also supporting your own spiritual growth.

As we look to the year ahead, we believe God is calling us to help more people than ever find meaningful, transformative community through CoM, but we can’t carry out this work without you. As you consider your commitment, will you join us in the following practices that we believe shape us into more intentional givers:

Pray: Before you even think about what your commitment might be, take time to pray about your giving. You might choose to use the following prayer from Every Moment Holy: “Through this an other acts of giving, train my heard toward a greater generosity, that the habits of my stewardship might be ever more pleasing to you, and ever more expressive of your own holy heart and passions. All the I have is yours, Lord Christ. All that I have is you.”

Discuss: After praying, discuss your commitment with a friend, partner, or spouse. Also, take time to talk to your kids or the kids in your life about giving and invite them to participate. We’ve heard from many of you that the reason you give is because you saw your parents or other adults in your life give. We’ll be providing resources and a fun surprise this Sunday to aid you in talking with kids about giving.

Commit: After prayer and discussion, will you join us in making a financial commitment for 2020? A commitment is simply a good faith estimate of what you intend to give next year. Making a commitment encourages each of us to prioritize our giving and aids CoM in planning for next year.

Give: It may seem obvious, but the act of giving is the final step! There are four methods through which you might give to CoM: automatic bank draft, debit/credit card draft, cash or check.

All Our Hearts: 2020

We believe our best days are ahead of us here at Church on Morgan but we also recognize that realizing the vision God has laid out for us will require all of us to make a sacrificial commitment. Our goal next year is to have an operating budget of $1.4 million and we need your help to get there. If you have not yet made your commitment, you can do so any Sunday by dropping a commitment card into the offering during worship or by making your commitment online now.

Commit Now

For any questions, please contact our Director of Operations, Kiley McGrady.